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Nurtured to Learn

At Veritas School, we strive to prepare students for life beyond our walls. We cultivate lifelong learners who are ready to go out into the world to glorify God and make a difference in their communities, families, churches, and professional lives. For many of our students this cultivation continues with higher education.

The Veritas college advisement office works with each 9th – 12th grade student and family to find the right fit for life after Veritas. Navigating the college application process can be both exciting and daunting to students. We strive to guide them through the nuts and bolts of the process like standardized test prep, college essay writing, and application submission, but also counsel them on what God’s plan is for their lives and how they can best walk into that potential. It is so exciting to see God’s plans stretch out in unexpected ways and to watch as our students rise to meet His call for their lives.

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Middle Schoolers

Middle school is a time of adjustment and intense emotional growth. Students discover their interests and begin to pursue their passions. Now is the time to encourage sixth through eighth graders to explore activities and interests they can develop in the coming years. Colleges and universities love to see students with interests outside of school and active lives that show a well-rounded person. This can begin as early as possible! Start now to find what drives your child and your passions. This is a way to begin to glorify God in unexpected and creative ways.


College still seems a long way off, but now is the time to focus on your scope of study over the next several years. What classes can you take now that will add to your college resume? This is also the time to think about volunteer opportunities and other activities that will contribute to a vibrant life outside of school. Use your time over the summer to pursue interests and help the community around you.


Sometimes sophomore year is considered the hardest year of high school. It’s the “knuckle down” year where classes get even more rigorous and sports and activities outside of class demand more of your time. Time management is essential for this year and each coming year. Work on organizing your time and energy so that you can manage your life efficiently. The skills you cultivate in this area will serve you for the rest of your life. Begin preparing to take the PSAT and start talking to your friends at school and church about colleges. Do you know older kids who are away at school? Talk to them about their experiences when you see them over holidays. The more you learn now about the college experience, the more you will understand when it comes time to visit schools, and the more you will know what you want out of your own college experience.


This is the most crucial year in many respects for the college application process. Your GPA is important but be aware that your course load is also important. You must strike a balance between rigorous classes that challenge you and courses that can maintain your strong GPA. Standardized test prep is a way to get ready for the SATs, AP tests, and ACT. Also, use your summers to pursue jobs and volunteer work that contribute to the overall portrait of the person you are. This is who God has created you to be and also the person you are presenting to colleges to potentially accept. What makes you unique and what will you contribute to the schools you apply to? This is what the schools ultimately what to know and will be looking for. This is an exciting time for you to fully embrace the young adult you are becoming.


SATs, college applications, college visits, summer jobs, homework, financial aid! It can all be overwhelming but remember to take a breath every now and then and embrace the madness of the process. In many ways, this is what adulthood will be like all the time; just ask your parents!

Now is the time to bring together all of the hard work you have pursued for the last several years. Summer jobs, volunteer work, athletics, academic work—it all comes together to create a profile of who you are and what you can offer to the schools you wish to attend. Working with your parents, teachers and your college counselor, you will find the perfect place that God wants you to be next year. And often times, it is an unexpected place! No matter what, trust in God that He will see you through the process and be with you on the other side.


It is daunting for parents to go through this process as well! Not only is it emotionally difficult to see a young one leave the nest, it can also be stressful when thinking of the financial strain that comes with the college years. Navigating the financial aid process can be confusing but there are resources available that will help with the confusion, and paperwork. The College Admissions office is here to help with questions and to point you in the right direction. Please peruse the links and resources we have on our webpage to begin the process.

Remember, begin early and consider ways your child can work outside of school to bulk up his or her college resume. Summer jobs, volunteer work, athletics, activities outside of school—all of these contribute immensely to the overall portrait of who your child is and will become at the right school. Colleges and universities are looking for students who have pursued interests and have known passions. This also has the added benefit of discovering early on how God can and will use your child for His glory. It gives a child direction and focus during what can be a very confusing and emotional time in their young adulthood. Please call the office and speak with us at any point for ideas. We look forward to working with you and your child to find God’s plan for them.

Jeannie Kronenthal
(804) 272-9517
Director of College Advisement