Artists Among Us: Visual Arts at Veritas

Artists Among Us: Visual Arts at Veritas

Veritas School | New CampusArt Department faculty member Beth Scott, along with her colleagues Sunny Rosebro and Kathy Hutton, share their vision and passion for art throughout each stage of our students’ development.

At Veritas, our program has been labored over and refined for many years. We have carefully considered a classical approach to the grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages of learning and have endeavored in a deliberate way to apply them to art.IMG_6007

In grades K-6, we teach the elements of design, the tools of art, the masters of great art, and we seek to tie in classroom curriculum and the historical periods studied. God, “The Master Artist”, is our greatest inspiration through His creation. Every element we draw, paint, bend or sculpt comes from Him. We frequently look at and imitate master works because learning at this stage is foundational. These years contain our basic overview of where art comes from, how it fits into history, and through this approach we convey the building blocks needed to move forward. Just recently we had students as young as kindergarten receive “high merit” in art competitions.IMG_5600Veritas School | New Campus

In grades 7-8, we continue to study tools, techniques, and principles, as we look at art from ancient to modern times. Assignments continue to flow from the various artists or periods studied in the classroom; these projects allow students to think more deeply about how to make these ideas their own.

Finally, in grades 9-12, we consider seriously what it means to do art “rhetorically”. Now that students enjoy a foundation of history, we want our artists to explore their personal response to an assignment. How do they express themselves as artists, with truth, beauty and goodness, given what they know? In grades 9-12, our students are also required to create a year-long art project to present in response to their studies for the year, the personal art project or “PAP”.

IMG_55812014 was the first year for this PAP, and to our delight, one of our students won Scholastic’s National Silver Medal with her design. This was a wonderful opportunity for our student and an affirming tribute to our scholarly approach to the arts. This year, we have a student working with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts “Teen Stylin” program. She is one of 45 students chosen from across the state. 2014 was also the introductory year of the National Art Honor Society, an organization that recognizes students of high artistic achievement. We saw 3 students graduate with the colorful honor cord.

It is our desire to see all students as capable and creative artists — and to push the limits of what they can do — as well as to provide additional time and teaching to those who express particular artistic passion. This year, with the addition of more space, we have been able to give some of our students expanded classroom opportunities, proving to be an exciting time for those who want to carry their art to higher levels.

We are thrilled at what the future holds for Veritas Art.  Non nobis domine.


“Much of the beauty that arises in art comes from the struggle an artist wages with his limited medium.” – Henri Matisse