2015 Regional Scholastic Art Awards

2015 Regional Scholastic Art Awards

The artwork featured at the end of this post represents a collection of the work submitted to the Scholastic Art Contest.  Photography and writing submissions will be featured in a subsequent post.

Great News from Upper School Art Teacher Sunny Rosebro!

This September, while registering Veritas for the prestigious National Scholastic Art & Writing Contest, it was discovered that the deadline had been moved up nearly five weeks for the regional level competitions. This meant that all entries (grades 7-12) would need to be submitted before Christmas break. Our students rose to the challenge! In addition to the date changes, all work would now need to be digitized and emailed to a standing committee of the arts alliance in New York, rather than relying on a local judging body as in the past.

Veritas artwork was submitted to the Southeast Region-at-Large category, along with many others in 12 surrounding states and areas.

While the number of entries for grades 7 and 8 remained constant this year, the art submissions from grades 9 – 12 tripled for Veritas! Approximately 30 students  entered 120+ works of art to the Scholastic Art & Writing contest this year. For the 1st time in our history, 7 seniors ( 2 writers + 5 artists) submitted their work, 4 submitting entire portfolios. For this purpose, a portfolio is a body of work that is comprised of 8 individual pieces, plus an essay centered upon a theme of their choosing.  Only seniors may submit portfolios for consideration.

Our Upper School scholar-artists have shown great courage in showcasing their God given talents in areas of drawing and illustration, design, fashion, jewelry, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture as well as in a variety of written formats (poetry, critical essays & short stories)!

On February 2, the Regional Award winners were announced.  Veritas was awarded a total of 34 awards this year – WOW! 31 in visual art and three awards for writing!  Please join us in congratulating our students on their incredible work.

15 Gold Key (highest level) Art Awards*

1 Gold Key art portfolio – Kara Gregory ’15

1 Gold Key photography portfolio – Emma Asbury ’15

9 Gold Keys for individual photography – Emma Asbury ’15; Molly Crews ’17; Madeline Fitch ’16; Charis Hutton ’16; Maddie Kleinschuster ’18; Lindsey Kozlowski ’17; Madeline McAllister ’18; Abby Watson ’15

1 Gold Key for Jewelry – Kara Gregory ’15

1 Gold Key for Printmaking – Landon Mason ’16

2 Gold Keys for Painting – LeeAnne Schuping ’16 & Zach Kennedy ’17

7 Silver Key Awards

1 Silver Key art portfolio – Amanda Young ’15

1 Silver Key photography portfolio – Abby Watson ’15

5 Silver Keys for Printmaking – Alyssa Bautista ’17; Sophia Kerns ’18; Jason Norfleet ’18; Landon Mason ’16; Kara Gregory ’15

9 Honorable Mentions for Visual Art

4 Honorable Mentions for Photography – Emma Asbury ’15; Madeline McAllister ’18; Charis Hutton ’16; Seth Daly ’16

2 Honorable Mentions for Printmaking – Amanda Young ’15; Julia Bass ’17

1 Honorable Mention for Drawing & Illustration – Madeline Fitch ’16

1 Honorable Mention for Design – Lilly Coward ’17

1 Honorable Mention for Fashion Design – Molly Crews ’17

Scholastic Art & Writing, at the Regional levels, this year received more than 300,000 submissions of original art and writing from students across the country. Each art work is adjudicated based on three criteria: originality, technical skill (craftsmanship of manipulation) and the observable development/emergence of a personal vision or voice. These are the original guidelines set out in 1923 and have remained through these many decades.

*Only the Gold Key winners at the Regional level will go on to the next level of judging. Digital versions of the art stay in NYC until the student artists are notified by the committee of final decisions on or by March 16th. Those artworks who receive a National Scholastic Medal (Gold, Silver & Honorable Mention – likened to a Bronze) will then receive a National Scholastic Medal of merit.  National level Gold Medalists will send their works to be displayed in New York City. Only 16 Senior portfolios will be selected for special and specific prizes, though various prizes and scholarships are applied at this highest and final level.