2015 Regional Scholastic Art Awards: Photography

2015 Regional Scholastic Art Awards: Photography

The photos featured in this post represents a collection of the work submitted to the Scholastic Photography Contest. See our February 5th post for the beautiful paintings, sculpture and drawings submitted to the Regional Scholastic Art Competition.


Congratulations to our student photographers on their achievement in the arts this year!


1 Gold Key photography portfolio – Emma Asbury ’15

9 Gold Keys for individual photography – Emma Asbury ’15; Molly Crews ’17; Madeline Fitch ’16; Charis Hutton ’16; Maddie Kleinschuster ’18; Lindsey Kozlowski ’17; Madeline McAllister ’18; Abby Watson ’15

1 Silver Key photography portfolio – Abby Watson ’15

4 Honorable Mentions for Photography – Emma Asbury ’15; Madeline McAllister ’18; Charis Hutton ’16; Seth Daly ’16