Annual Fund

WHAT IS THE 2015 – 2016 Annual Fund Goal?

$250,000 payable by May 31, 2016. To help us reach our goal by making a gift to the Annual Fund, please click here.

During a capital campaign, will I still be asked to give to the annual fund?

Yes! Capital Campaigns are separate. Capital Campaign gifts are made over and above Annual Fund support. The Annual Fund will occur every year to help fund strategic enhancements within a specific academic year. Capital Campaign gifts are for the purpose of purchasing or renovating property and may last for multiple years. For more information regarding Veritas’ Capital Campaign, please click here.

What does the veritas annual fund support?

The Annual Fund supports strategic enhancements to Veritas. In recent years, the Annual Fund has supported items such as

  • the purchase of modular buildings
  • growth of the athletic program
  • the launch of the conservatory
  • the second bus
  • new playground
  • basketball goals
  • art tables
  • the addition of Lingle Hall (2014/15)

This year’s Annual Fund will be used to invest in building improvements, such as a new roof over the dining hall, the purchase of bleachers for the Lingle gym and to increase our building reserve fund.  Our building reserve fund allows Veritas to set monies aside for the significant costs associated with the repair or replacement of major mechanical systems.

Veritas is grateful for your support; we commit to use your gift wisely. Thank you in advance for your support of Veritas School.

Who can give to The Veritas Annual Fund?

Anyone! We value and are so thankful for gifts, no matter their size. The Veritas Board of Directors is fully committed to the Annual Fund. We ask that parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, faculty and staff members, as well as friends, prayerfully consider helping us reach this important goal.