Portrait of an Alum: Lizzie Trumbo

Portrait of an Alum: Lizzie Trumbo

Veritas alumn Elizabeth (Lizzie) Trumbo, is a freshman at VCU.   Director of Communications Sara Kennedy caught up with her on campus for lunch yesterday. Here is a summary of their discussion.

SK: Lizzie, you’re halfway through your first semester in college. Can you share what drew you to VCU?

LT: I was fascinated by the diversity VCU attracts – students from all over the world study in Richmond – just ten minutes from Veritas! Being known and encouraged in the close-knit community I enjoyed at school gave me the confidence to dive into this much bigger world. Every day I meet someone new – I could meet someone new for the next four years. I love that.grad diploma

SK: You worked hard at Veritas. Do you feel your study habits and classes prepared you for university level coursework?

LT: Definitely. Even in math, which was always challenging for me, I feel confident in my college level course about the terms, concepts and problem solving techniques I need to employ. On our first History paper, my professor asked how many of us had taken grammar formally, and I was only one of two students in the class. While I know I can still develop as a writer, the foundation laid by Mrs. Howell, Mrs. Gross and others – from grammar to correct bibliography formatting and everything in between – has served me very well already!

I can remember thinking “I am just in high school, why do I have to learn this now?” when Mrs. Howell required us to go to the University of Richmond to learn how to use a real research library. I get it now. Thank you, Mrs. Howell!

SK: As you look ahead, what are you most excited about?

LT: I will be applying for a new program at VCU – the Globe. This program intentionally chooses American students to live, study, travel and generally ‘do life’ with students from around the world. Right now, I have a Chinese conversation partner – it would be awesome to go deeper into other languages and cultures through this program, and to help those studying in Richmond navigate our culture.

IMG_8787SK: Here’s my last, but most important question: what advice would you pass down to the Juniors and Seniors at Veritas?

LT: I have two pieces of advice: first, be kind to yourself your first semester. Just because you took six or seven classes at Veritas doesn’t mean you should do that at college. I say this because I made that mistake and now have a crazy schedule. I’ve realized that Veritas teachers, as much as possible, did try to coordinate what they asked of students. College professors are not interested in all the other things you are carrying. It’s your responsibility to manage your time. That’s a big change.

The second is much more important – know what you believe and why you believe it before you go to college. Not only is every worldview competing for your attention, but even more so, there seems to be a pervasive atmosphere of apathy about faith among college students and faculty. Believing the gospel and humbly loving others with His love during my time at VCU is my heart’s desire.

We are so proud of each of our alumni.  We will continue to tell their stories on our blog as they live into the promise of Veritas’ Profile of the Graduate.