Tuition and Fees

Veritas School is committed to being a financially inclusive community — reflective of the Christ-centered nature of our mission. We encourage any family that is concerned about their ability to afford a Veritas education to apply for tuition assistance. More than 30% of our families receive some level of tuition assistance.
Application Fee

$100 per student (All application fees are non-refundable.)
$105 testing fee for grades 5 – 12, paid at the time of online test registration.

2016/2017 Tuition

K4 (Ages 4 & 5) $3,135
K4 Extended Day Option (for enrolled K4 students only) $1,155
Grades K-2 $10,285
Grades 3-6 $10,835
Grades 7-12 $11,385

Veritas tuition includes all books and most field trips. Tuition does not include school uniforms, school supplies or co-curricular program fees. There are no multiple child tuition discounts. We encourage families to apply for tuition assistance if there is a financial need.

Tuition Assistance

Veritas offers need-based tuition assistance to families dependent on a number of factors including total (gross) family income, number of family members, number of children enrolled at Veritas, and any additional extenuating financial circumstances. Refer to the Tuition Assistance information for complete details on application process and deadlines. Click on the logo below to connect to our third-party tuition management and assistance company, FACTS.


Enrollment Deposit

Families whose children have been accepted to Veritas School will receive an enrollment contract that must be completed and returned to the school to reserve space in the grade designated. This enrollment contract must be accompanied by an enrollment deposit of $150 per student. Tuition payments begin May 1.

Payment Plans

Veritas offers three different payment methods to accommodate the varying budgets of the school community. Tuition may be paid in one payment, two payments (May and November) or divided into eleven equal payments throughout the year (May – March).


A detailed list of specific clothing items and suppliers/vendors for the Veritas student uniforms may be obtained from the school office. Veritas School uniforms are purchased through Lands’ End or Flynn & O’Hara Uniforms.

Wait Pool

In the event of a full class, a child may be placed in a wait pool after all other admission requirements have been fulfilled and application fees paid. Should space become available, the Admissions Committee will select a student from the wait pool to add to the class.

Tuition Assistance

Veritas’ Tuition Assistance program has been an important part of the school’s financial plan for many years. From the earliest days of Veritas School, there has been a desire to reflect the larger Christian community in as many ways as possible. A broad socio-economic representation among our families is one way that Veritas has consistently distinguished itself.

Tuition Assistance is as much a service to the school as it is a service to the families who benefit directly from it. A well-funded, need-based Tuition Assistance program increases the number of qualified candidates who can join our community, and it strengthens every program in the school by including precious students whose families could not otherwise provide classical and Christian education for their children.

Tuition Assistance FAQ

These FAQ’s come up from time to time in conversations with parents.

How is Tuition Assistance paid for?

Two ways: Each year, a portion of the budget is set aside for Tuition Assistance. There are also friends of the school who designate gifts to the school for Tuition Assistance. We consider it an essential element of “the cost to educate” each student and we work hard to ensure a stable, sustainable fund.

If I receive Tuition Assistance, will my child’s teacher know?

No. Tuition Assistance awards are determined by a very small committee and no one outside of that committee knows which families receive assistance.

If I receive Tuition Assistance, will I or my child be treated differently?

No. Our admission policy is “need-blind,” and every person in the school is treated equally in every situation.

Isn’t Tuition Assistance like charity?

In a sense it is, in a sense it is not. It is in that the school has determined that having families from a broad socio-economic spectrum is important to our mission. So families who cannot afford full tuition gain access through the school’s generosity. It is not like ordinary charity in that the whole community benefits from having a better school as a result of the awards.

Who should apply for Tuition Assistance?

Anyone who is concerned that they may not be able to afford the full cost of a Veritas education for their children should apply. Many factors are considered by the company that processes our Tuition Assistance applications.

Since our founding in 1999, socio-economically diverse parents from across the Richmond area have committed themselves to the pursuit of classical and Christian education for their children at Veritas School. We look forward to continuing this exciting journey and welcome your interest. Please contact the admissions office if you need more information on Tuition Assistance.