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We count it a tremendous privilege to work alongside parents to help students learn, grow, and flourish. This work goes far beyond simply imparting knowledge and grading tests. Our faculty members and staff deeply invest in the lives of their students, partnering with families to nurture the seeds of wisdom and faith that will help them bear fruit long after they leave Veritas.

This is a calling and a commitment. If you’re interested in learning more, view our open positions below or contact us at careers@veritasschool.com.

After thorough review of the Veritas website, interested and qualified candidates should submit a cover letter, employment application (below) and resume to careers@veritasschool.com.

Open Positions

Veritas School offers Health Savings Accounts, retirement planning, major medical and life insurance, as well as short and long term disability coverage to all full time staff and faculty members.

Part Time 5th & 6th Grade Latin Teacher (Position begins Fall 2019)

We are seeking applicants for a Part Time 5th & 6th Grade Latin teacher for the 2019/20 academic year. Established in 2000, Veritas expects a 2019/20 enrollment of 610, with robust year-over-year growth, low faculty turnover and a beautiful, historic campus. The 5th / 6th Latin teacher provides classroom instruction to students in Introductory Latin. The position requires an educator experienced with Latin who is personable, organized, and possesses basic Latin understanding and classroom management skills. Learn more here.

Part Time Front Office Coordinator (Position begins May 2019)

We are seeking applicants for a Part Time (2-3 days per week) Front Office Coordinator, beginning in May 2019. The Front Office Coordinator interacts with parents and students around various facets of the school day, greeting visitors and guests, answering phones and managing doors, and other various administrative tasks. We are seeking candidates who are personable, warm and professional, organized, able to multi-task, and comfortable fielding a variety of questions and situations that may come their way. Rather than completing the employment application, candidates for this position should send a cover letter and resume to careers@veritasschool.com.

Full Time Upper School Latin Teacher (Position begins Fall 2019)

In campō amoenō inter vīcum septentriōnālem (“Northside” Anglicē appellātum) sita, Vēritās est schola christiāna atque classica, quā nōn tantum studiōsī discipulī discendō, vērum magistrī etiam docendō dēlectantur. Apud Vēritātem communis fīnis ēducandī est discipulōs excolere quī cum virtūte adolēscant bonōsque per aetātem frūctūs efferant.

Vēritās canditātum (scīlicet candidātam quoque!) quaerit quī mūnere Latinitātis docendae fungātur. Latinitās ex cōnsiliō ita docētur ut discipulī factultātem meditandae ac perfruendae Latinitātis, quae ē variīs saeculīs lecta est, accipiant. Quam ob rem ratiōne grammaticae Anglicē explicātae dēpositā methodus docendae “actīva” adhibētur. Itaque talis candidātus est optābilis quī expertus sit vīvā voce Latīnā ērudiendī et cognōverit viās docendī quae praesentem intellectum, commūnicātiōnem, familiāritātemque efficiant inter opera Latīna, discipulōs, magistrumque. Opus candidātīs est ut Iēsum Chrīstum esse Dominum confiteant ac dīligant corda discipulōrum cūrāre. Eīs hoc mūnus apud Vēritātem petentibus oportet inveniant plūra in inferiore parte huius pāginae, aut mittant quaestiōnēs cēterās ad Magistrum Killmer hāc inscriptiōne: wkillmer@veritasschool.com.

English: Veritas is seeking applicants for a full-time Upper School Latin teacher for the 2019/20 school year. The goal of Latin instruction at Veritas is to provide the opportunity for the study, engagement, and enjoyment of the Latin language from multiple historical periods. Towards this end, Veritas is in the process of shifting the method of instruction from grammar and translation to an active use of the language. The ideal candidate will have experience with teaching Latin as a living language, and familiarity with pedagogical practices that foster real-time comprehension, communication, and relationship between the material, students, and instructor. Applicants should have a mature walk with Christ, and a love for shepherding the hearts of students. Further questions about Latin instruction at Veritas should be directed to Will Killmer at wkillmer@veritasschool.com.

Full Time Upper School Humanities Teacher (Position begins Fall 2019)

Veritas is seeking applicants for a full-time Upper School Humanities teacher. The ideal candidate will have experience teaching some combination of History, Literature, and Rhetoric. Applicants should have a mature walk with Christ, and a love for shepherding the hearts of students.


To apply for faculty and staff positions, please submit a cover letter, resume, and Veritas employment application to careers@veritasschool.com.

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Resources that interested candidates may find helpful before applying:

Videos and information embedded on the home page of the Veritas School website

Principles of Partnership

The Veritas Standard Parent and Student Handbook

Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Ted Tripp