House System

We established the Veritas House System to enhance the mission of the school by cultivating greater community among Upper School students and faculty.

The House System nurtures fellowship, competition, leadership, and service within the Upper School. The House System also provides a smaller structure for faculty partners and peer-to-peer mentoring relationships.

Currently, the Upper School is divided into four grade and gender mixed Houses:

The House of Becket, named for Thomas Becket

The House of Bonhoeffer, named for Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The House of D’Albret, named for Jeanne D’Albret

The House of Kuyper, named for Abraham Kuyper

Students read a biography of their House namesake the summer of their 7th grade year.

Finally, the House System provides the basic structure for the formal student leadership of the Upper School. Each House elects two “House Heads,” who work with one another, a team of student leaders and the faculty and administration to plan, organize, and manage many Upper School activities such as socials, service projects, and competitions.

Additional student leadership opportunities are provided to Team Leaders within each House, who are responsible for mentoring relationships, competitions, House meetings, and social life.

Each year, rising seventh graders and new students are placed in one of the four Houses where they will remain members throughout their Veritas experience.