Junior Kindergarten (K4) Program

The Building Blocks of Learning

Veritas School added a Junior Kindergarten (4 year old kindergarten) program in the fall of 2013 with the vision of preparing our youngest scholars to fully engage the Veritas classroom through early exposure to the building blocks of learning. The Junior Kindergarten program upholds the same values and principles that drive our vision throughout the K – 12 program: to cultivate students of wisdom and virtue through a Christ-centered, academically-rigorous classical education.



One of the primary goals of the Junior Kindergarten program is to develop confident and responsible individuals. There are many ways teachers work on this skill in the classroom, such as allowing students choices as they carry out tasks and daily jobs. Manners, sharing, taking turns and cooperative play are taught, modeled and practiced in the classroom. Small class size and experienced, loving teachers create a place where each child is known, loved and cared for, the foundation for a healthy learning environment.


The Junior Kindergarten program focuses on the skills needed for success in reading in a way that engages young minds. During reading center time, students will practice important phonics skills, build vocabularies and increase comprehension through a variety of kinesthetic, auditory and visual activities.


Teachers in the Junior Kindergarten program guide students in the development of the foundational number concepts that are necessary building blocks for all mathematics. Through hands on experience, students will also learn skills through patterning, classifying, graphing, and basic geometry.

History/Social Studies

Even at a very young age, children can build a foundation for the knowledge they will gain in their K – 12 education as they connect historical figures and facts with holiday and seasonal celebrations. Students will develop an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of community members as they observe and participate in their classroom community and have opportunities to make application in the larger communities in which they live.


Students will use many different media to express creativity and explore the wonderful world of art. As students experience the creative process, they further develop fine motor skills, gain confidence through the encouragement of their teachers and participate in the God-given joy of artistic expression.


The goal of the science curriculum is to instill a sense of wonder and curiosity about the amazing world God created. Students experientially explore various natural science topics, including the human body, animal characteristics and plants.


A Biblical worldview is central to all we do in the Junior Kindergarten classroom. Students will also learn a Bible verse each week to correspond to the letter currently under study. They will hear stories of the men and women of the Bible throughout the year, and daily experience God’s great love for them through the caring guidance and nurture of their experienced, shepherding teachers.