A Beautiful View: Lingle and Newbury Join the Veritas Campus

A Beautiful View: Lingle and Newbury Join the Veritas Campus

Lingle Hall, under construction in 1967.

Posted by Keith Nix, Head of School

f-9KDMTsk0GY3LHg27.1As I look out the east window of my office, I see beautiful Lingle Hall and am amazed. A year ago, I couldn’t see it. Literally, I couldn’t see it, as Lingle Hall was hidden behind at least eight twenty-foot Holly trees. But what I really couldn’t see was the possibility that in the 2014-15 school year, Veritas students and faculty would fill both Lingle Hall and the Newbury Center with life and learning. I could not see that after only one year we would have outgrown Graves and Virginia Hall and desperately need these buildings to accommodate our growing student body (currently 369). I really couldn’t see how we could have afforded it even if we did need it. And finally, there was absolutely no way I could see how we could gain a gym/auditorium space by early fall. But I can see it all now!

What God did over the summer months was truly amazing. As a result of a successful Annual Fund (sparked by a late challenge gift of $25,000), a strong financial year operationally, and a positive dialog with the buildings’ owners, Union Presbyterian Seminary, we agreed on a lease arrangement that helps both institutions move forward toward our respective goals. I will share more detail in the Fall Parent Forum, or individually if you ask me, but suffice it to say that God has provided and done exceedingly more than I could have imagined in terms of the financial arrangement and what we gain with the addition of these buildings. Here is a summary of what we have gained:

Lingle Hall:
Basketball Gym*
Athletic Locker and Storage Areas
Upper School Library
Student Commons
Multiple Classrooms
Science Lab
Robotics Team Room

Newbury Center:
K4 Classroom (allowing former K4 space to be used to expand art and music space in Virginia Hall)

Apart from the gym construction, we will continue to work to make Lingle fully ready to realize our plans for the space. The library and science lab particularly will need to be a priority over the next 1-2 years. To make all this possible, we will direct all funds from this year’s Annual Fund toward these Lingle and Newbury priorities.

As you have opportunity, please come for a visit. I am happy to show you around — and have the honor of sharing once again the story of what God did this summer!

Lingle Hall opens its doors for the first time, circa 1967.

Lingle Hall opens its doors for the first time, complete with a full service dining hall to serve the Presbyterian School of Education (PSCE).

*The gym/auditorium is expected to be completed in mid-October, just in time to hold our 5th Annual Community Dinner. The gym will house a regulation size basketball court that will be used throughout the school year for recess and PE, and during basketball season for practice and games beginning in late October. It will also be equipped for volleyball which we expect to offer in the near future. It also provides and indoor option for soccer and other athletic training.